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About Help Small Business Virtual Expo

The digital age is here

Now more than ever, businesses need to be ready to manage uncertainty, while preparing for the future. Small Business Expo (SBExpo 2021) is moving with the times, launching a virtual event to bring you a truly epic 2 days of learning and technology.

There’s never been a better time for Australian small businesses to come together and learn how to survive and thrive in a time with much uncertainty. Staying on top of the latest developments, new trends, products and innovations that are redefining the way you work has never been more important.

SBExpo is the best place for you and your team to gain a panoramic view of everything that’s new and next in your profession. And it’s now easier to attend then ever before!

Going virtual

Virtual events allow our local and global audience the ability to attend SBExpo 2021 virtually from anywhere in world. Using the power of technology, SBExpo 2021 will give virtual attendees the same great experience from the comfort of their homes or office, this means you can still participate as you would normally; jumping into Q&A’s with speakers, interacting with sponsors & exhibitors and networking with fellow attendees.

Unique Experience

SBExpo is a virtual experience where you’ll find content on the most essential technologies for small business innovation (including tax today, progressive bookkeeping, business advisory, automation/ analytics and more) conveniently located on one platform! By attending the event you’ll see how pairing these technologies can elevate your product/ design, enhance employee productivity and streamline services to transform your business.

Why virtual events are valuable

Virtual events have exploded in popularity in 2020, and for a good reason. Our world has changed dramatically, so it’s only fitting our events make the change too. In a world where travel is not currently possible and physical meetings are harder to do a virtual event offers you: to reach a wider audience, improve event ROI, and give companies access to valuable data points they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons:

  • High “touch” Low Effort: Not everyone in will be able to attend SBExpo due to scheduling conflicts and/or budgetary restrictions. By making your event available online, we remove these barriers and reach more people
  • Easier to “meet & Low Travel Costs: Gone are the days of not being able to afford travel costs to attend events. This way, no-one misses out on the content and incredible companies. Virtual access to SBExpo means more stand visits, boosting event ROI along the way. Not only that, our Plenary and session content and technology demonstration will be on demand for people to revisit going forward, keeping your company top of mind
  • Volume of Qualified Leads Lastly, every person who clicks on your virtual booth is a lead, gone are the days of asking to scan an attendees’ badge. All leads are automatically generated

Learn from the most influential industry leaders and pioneers at the forefront of technology.

What you’ll hear
  • How resilient leaders respond to change
  • Insights on the future trends of tax, work from home, business advisory etc.
  • How to upskill your existing workforce to stay current
  • Industry & revenue-generating examples of transformation
  • How to nurture an environment of innovation in the workplace

Access game-changing content at your own pace! Learn how peers are managing transformation to effectively conduct business smarter and faster.

What you’ll learn
  • Top strategies for rapid technology transformation
  • Real-world case studies from top tier companies & product experts
  • Tips to evolve the design of established products
  • Best practices for executing scalable projects
  • How others plan to tackle future business challenges

Connect with industry peers, virtually. Here’s your chance to meet with other smart, like-minded finance professionals from Australia and around the world.

Who you’ll meet
  • Connect with business leaders and companies you wish to partner with
  • Live Q&A with expert speakers
  • Network 1×1 with presenters during breaks
  • Exchange real-world examples of transformation
  • Build partnerships & source vendor